About US

Pisos Coloniales de México was started over 40 years ago as a result of the upcoming popularity of the natural terracotta clay tile known as Saltillo Tile, which was the first and only product manufactured in the beginning. As few as eight people begun and do everything at that time.

By the early 80's Pisos introduced the handmade glazed ceramic wall tile to satisfy the demand for this product from distributors in the USA, Canada and United Kingdom.
Nowadays, Pisos Coloniales de México is a medium-size family owned enterprise with more than two hundred proud artisans and employees working to bring high quality Mexican ceramic tiles to the international market. We count with distributors in 4 continents and 15 countries.

We are proud to be one of the very few manufacturers in Mexico that produce 100% handmade tiles, from making the clay tile body by hand, to the handpainted decoration of every piece. Also, Pisos Coloniales is the only manufacturer in Mexico that has achieved a single firing production process for a handmade ceramic tile.

Our production process is environmentally friendly. We use non-pollutant fuels to fire the tiles, and use as much recycled materials as possible in some steps of our production process. Crates and pallets are made of recycled wood; packing materials are recycled post-consumer cardboard and our carton boxes are made entirely of recycled paper by the largest paper recycling company in Mexico.

Pisos Coloniales is also a company with a strong commitment with its community. We recently received recognition from the Federal Bureau of Labor; due to 4% of our work force are persons with certain type of physical disability.
We look always for new wholesale distributors with a strong reputation and high standards of service, committed to deliver high quality products to the consumer through a network of dealers. If you are interested, please visit the section Contact Us. We would love to share our success with you.